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A World of Smart Entertainment

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Smart’s TV brings together the best of the TV world…

…5 dazzling reasons to join

  • Over 2000 streaming channels from UK and worldwide
  • Over 100,000 movies and TV episodes. Pick your favourite
  • All the sport from football, rugby, motor, cricket and much more
  • Experience the finest picture detail in HD and Ultra HD
  • Subscription free. Just choose the content you like

Super Fast Broadband and Phone

Limitless possibilities…

…with fibre to your home!

  • Access the UK’s fastest residential broadband network
  • No traffic jams, no throttling, no limits
  • Choose from a range of calling packages
  • Free SmartFast wifi router: browse everywhere and connect up to 250 devices at home…
  • Easy to switch from your current provider


Download up to 17Mb

Standard Broadband

Ideal for 1 or 2 people online at the same time
Great for watching standard-resolution videos


Download up to 38Mb

Standard Broadband

Ideal for 3 or 4 people online at the same time
Great for watching 4k videos

Fibre Plus

Download up to 76Mb

Standard Broadband

Ideal for busy households with 10+ devices
streaming in HD, watching 4K and more, all at once

Fibre Extreme

Download up to 1Gb

Standard Broadband

Ideal for flabbergasting households demands
Great for watching Ultra HD videos

Smart Mobile, Smart Choice

Smart 4G sim card

Made for you…

…to match your lifestyle.

  • SIM only with monthly or yearly plans
  • Unlimited calls and texts as standard
  • Superfast 4G speeds with the UK’s best coverage
  • Stay in touch with amazing international and roaming rates
  • Family plans with attractive multi-SIM discounts

Fix for Longer with Smart Energy

You won’t regret switching to Smart Energy…

…it takes less than 5 minutes to switch!

  • 100% green electricity backed by UK-based renewable generation
  • 18, 24 or 36m month fixed rates
  • Working in partnership with Carbon Footprint on carbon reduction projects
  • Conforms to Ofgem Guidelines on green energy tariffs
  • Flexible payment and billing option

Peace of mind with Smart insurance

Use Smart insurance…

…for all your insurance needs from car, home, travel and pet insurance.

  • Access to the UK’s leadings insurance providers
  • High competitive rates through our online quotation tool
  • Save when you take multiple policies or bundle insurance with other Smart services
  • Great service with our 24-hour claims helpline
  • Online portal to manage all of your insurance policies and claims

Choose from a range of Smart packages

Entertainment pack

Free Smart TV box!

Your starter pack

Free TV channels when you take internet and energy

Save up to £389 per year

Broadband pack

Free broadband!

Great value pack

Free broadband when you take TV, mobile and energy

Save up to £396 per year

All inclusive

Free Netflix & Amazon Video!

Best value pack

Free cinema when you take TV, broadband, mobile and energy

Save up to £444 per year